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Christmas Hamper Distribution 2017

Christmas Hamper Distribution 2017

St. George’s, Grenada, Friday January 19th, 2018 – The National Water and Sewerage Authority continued its support of less fortunate individuals by providing more than three dozen Grenadians with food hampers, ahead of Christmas 2017, as part of its ongoing promotion, which fits in to its corporate social responsibility.

A total of 40 hampers were distributed to individuals on mainland Grenada and the sister isles of Carriacou and Petite Martinique, during the week of December 18th through 22nd, as a means of bringing Christmas cheer individuals of lesser means.

Some of those receiving hampers, shared their joy on benefiting from this NAWASA promotion.
“I want to thank NAWASA for the kind gesture and I hope they continue to give to other families” said one recipient, who was overwhelmed with joy at being chosen. Another beneficiary noted “I’m glad for all that you all brought for me, because I need it…seeing me and seeing the house, that’s not all”. Yet another beneficiary welcomed the surprise, nothing “is first time anybody ever giving us something for Christmas”.

Into its fourteenth year, the NAWASA Christmas Food Hamper promotion was expanded in 2017 to benefit forty (40) beneficiaries, up from thirty-five (35). “That’s good you know, NAWASA looking out for the people in the community, so thanks a lot…”, announced an unsuspecting beneficiary.

The forty (40) beneficiaries, were nominated by individuals who, in most cases, looked beyond their own needs to ensure their friend or neighbor has a joyous Christmas. Communications Supervisor Jamila Samuel highlights that it is NAWASA’s way of giving back to those most in need. “You know every beneficiary, every smile, every hug, makes us feel happy that NAWASA made the right decision fourteen (14) years ago when it embarked on this promotion and that the recipients…are well deserving”.

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NAWASA Welcomes Home Employees From Dominica

NAWASA Welcomes Home Employees From Dominica

Three National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) employees are back home, having spent three weeks in Dominica assisting Dominica Water and Sewerage Company (DOWASCO) workers with the restoration of the islands water supply.

NAWASA officials welcomed Gerard Simon, Garvin Jones and Kurt Edwards back to Grenada on Thursday November 23rd, 2017 following their tour of duty in the Hurricane Maria ravaged island of Dominica.

The three employees, who volunteered their time were greeted by at the Maurice Bishop International Airport by General Manager Mr. Christopher Husbands, Manager and Assistant Manager of Transmission and Distribution Mr. Joel Thomas and Ernest Bruno, and Human Resource Manager Mrs. Pansy Ventour.

Immediately on his return Kurt Edwards indicated his readiness to return to the Nature Isle to assist in completing the work they have started. “It was good; very challenging as well…I’m willing to go back and give them the pull out because it has a lot of work still to do.” Edwards says he does not mind the hard work and long hours.

In outlining their experience in Dominica, Gerard Simon indicated that they worked along with both DOWASCO and other regional partners to get the job done. “We worked long side and we made things happen because working in the woods with just a bag with some water and a snack and we worked for hours…Saturday, Sunday, every day of the week”.

Simon welcomes the opportunity he was afforded to assist Dominica’s nationals.

The third of the three, Garvin Jones, was also grateful for the opportunity to be able to assist. “The place was real destroyed. It brought back memories to how Ivan was…but we did our best and the Dominicans were happy that we came to help them out.”

General Manager Christopher Husbands highlights NAWASA’s corporate social responsibility and notes that the company stands ready to send another team if a request is made. DOWASCO management indicated that the team did and exceptional job and expressed gratitude for the support. Mr. Husbands notes that as a regional utility and having gone through a similar experience following the passage of Hurricane Ivan NAWASA understands what it’s like to be thrust into that situation. “Certainly, the region as a whole has increased collaboration and support for one another because you never know when any one island can get hit, so we were happy to be able to join the effort.”

The three NAWASA employees willingly worked long hours and took pleasure in the joy of residents on having their water supply restored. According to the three, they will not trade the opportunity to come to the aid of those in need for anything. The NAWASA General Manager has indicated that he continues to be in contact with DOWASCO officials and stands ready to send another team to Dominica if a request is made.

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Summary of Project for ESIA Disclosure

Summary of Project for ESIA Disclosure

Summary of the Project:
Climate Resilience in the Water Sector in Grenada (G‐CREWS)
As part of the disclosure of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Management Plan as well as the Gender Analysis and Action Plan.
The Project proposal was submitted to the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

GIZ and the Government of Grenada have prepared the 6‐yearG‐ CREWS project to make the drinking water supply system in Grenada resilient to climate change. The project, for which GCF funding of 35.5 million EUR was requested, introduces a complete paradigm shift in the water sector. It has three components which tackle the resilience of the three legs of the water system: (1) water governance, (2) water users and (3) the water supply system.

G‐CREWS component 1, “Integrating Climate Resilience into Grenada’s Water Governance”, includes (1.1) the establishment of a climate‐proof legislative and institutional framework in the water sector (1.2) the mainstreaming of climate change in policies and plans with relevance for the water sector and (1.3) the development and implementation of a new tariff structure for NAWASA to sustainably finance investments and to influence water demand subject to climate variability.

As part of sub‐component 1.1, a Water Resources Management Unit (WRMU) will be set up to manage water resources independently. One of the tasks of the WRMU will be to define rules for water allocation which will integrate the impacts of climate variability and climate change.

G‐CREWS component 2 “Climate Resilient Water Users”, is the water demand management component. It includes (2.1) the establishment of a fund for financing water‐saving devices for commercial water users, (2.2) measures for household and community awareness and education.

G‐CREWS component 3 “Climate Resilient Water Supply Systems” includes (3.1) an upgrade of the existing water infrastructure to make it climate‐proof, as well as the implementation of a climate resilient management plan for existing and new infrastructure, (3.2) measures to improve water storage medical facilities, and (3.3) setting up climate‐resilient management at NAWASA, including, remote monitoring and control (SCADA) systems, sediment‐proofing of water intakes, and emergency preparedness and response planning.

Under component 3.1, which is the main infrastructure component, and component 3.3, the drinking water supply system will be made climate resilient through the following interventions:

(i) increase storage of treated water for periods of droughts or storms with 16 storage tanks;

(ii) interconnect important water supply networks and connect the new storage tanks to the NAWASA distribution system with about 10 km of new pipelines, and the replacement of
13.5 km of existing pipelines;

(iii) increase storage of raw water by acquiring and increasing the capacity of a pond at Petit Etang and of the dam reservoir at Les Avocats;

(iv) increase the use of water from the desalination plant in Carriacou by connecting 9.2 km of pipelines;

(v) make the existing groundwater use sustainable by rehabilitating the existing wells, building 3 new ones, protecting the catchments, and managing groundwater abstraction with the help of a monitoring system;

(vi) add sediment‐retaining weirs and/or sediment‐proof intakes to existing water intakes.

These sub‐components have been carefully selected based on their feasibility and on their added value to increase climate resilience country‐wide. They have gone through several rounds of consultations with the Grenadian water sector and civil society.

 For additional information visit:

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NAWASA cops 2017 GCIC Service Excellence Award

NAWASA cops 2017 GCIC Service Excellence Award

Communications Supervisor Jamila Samuel receives the GCIC Award for Service Excellence

Twenty-nine (29) years ago the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce decided that it needed to celebrate local businesses that have excelled, persevered and continue to provide employment, excellent products and services both locally and overseas.

It developed a product that draws a wide cross section of persons at one venue to dialogue and wait with eager anticipation if in the eyes of a team of competent judges they deserve to be recognized.

This initiative is called the GCIC Annual Business Awards which focuses on achievements in different categories.

For the first time since its inception, NAWASA decided to nominate itself, and that is after repeated promises yearly after every event. Our Communications Unit nominated the Authority in two categories under established criteria:


The successful nominee would have:

  • Made investment in an area of community life not associated with its business
  • Involved its employees at all levels, including management, in its community projects
  • Given financial and institutional support to community development project that are demonstrably sustainable


The successful nominee would have:

  • Demonstrated that both the internal and external customer experience is the core of its business
  • A monitoring/reporting system which collects and evaluates data from both internal and external customers about their experiences with the business
  • Conducted staff training in customer service within the eligibility period 
  • Engaged in activities that demonstrate a commitment to improving the customer experience
  • Friendly access to its facilities for people with disabilities 

NAWASA is proud to receive the GCIC Business Awards in the area of Service Excellence for 2017.

The proposal submitted to the judging panel looked at our successes in the area of Customer Care Training, our 2016 Customer Satisfaction Survey, how EPMS is shaping the direction of employee growth, the Customer Services Charter, our Health and Safety Policy, our support to the Community and how Social Media platforms have enhanced our Customer Experience.

Communications Supervisor Mrs. Jamila Samuel was on hand to collect the award with the support of General Manager Mr. Christopher Husbands, Corporate Secretary Mrs. Xiomara Forsyth, Finance Manager Mrs. Louisa Yuventi, District Supervisor Mr. Lennon Abraham and Plumber/Pipefitter Mr. Otis Celestine.

NAWASA remains blessed to have at its helm a team that is committed to excellence and service. Our team works steadfastly around the clock guiding operations and ensuring strategic planning with the overall aim of providing good governance and proper execution of our fiduciary duties. Improved operations remain at the forefront of the corporate strategy from the Board of Directors to our Management Team. NAWASA’s Internal and External customers remain the forefront of its desire to meet every need according to its Mission Statement.

Customers this achievement is for you. This is the push that we need to excel in all areas of service. Collectively, we will work harder at meeting the needs of our consumers.


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NAWASA’s Communications Supervisor conference presenter at the 26th Annual CWWA’s Conference and Exhibition in Guyana.

NAWASA’s Communications Supervisor conference presenter at the 26th Annual CWWA’s Conference and Exhibition in Guyana.

Communications Supervisor Jamila Samuel during her presentation to the attendees

It was a wonderful week of activities at the 26th Annual Caribbean Water and Waste Water Association’s Conference and Exhibition in Guyana from October 16th to 20th, 2017.

The conference was held under the theme Promoting Innovation and Creativity in Water, Wastewater and Waste” and coordinated by the Communities Ministry, the Guyana Water Inc and the Caribbean Water and Wastewater Association CWWA.

It brought together participants from the Caribbean, Latin America, North America and Europe and provided an opportunity for participants to exchange information and experiences, to network and to be exposed to cutting edge technology, products and services in a very dynamic event.

The Conference covered subjects such as climate change, drought management, integrated water resources management, wastewater management in rural communities, waste recycling technologies for developing countries, landfill engineering and the economics of waste management, to name a few.

Participants included experts, researchers, professionals, students, the media, private companies, development partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank (lDB), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the United Nations Environment (UNEP), the Pan American, Health Organisation (PAHO), the Caribbean Desalination Association (CaribDA), the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCccq), Caricom, among others. They had an opportunity to attend technical presentations, be exposed to new research and studies and listen to eminent panellists speak on subjects of interest.

A very significant aspect of the event was the Exhibition where over 60 exhibitors are showcasing their products and services in the water and waste sectors and interacting with utility companies and other participants, EXCELLENT NETWORKING.

On Tuesday, an important aspect of the Conference was the convening of the 13th High Level Forum of Caribbean Ministers Responsible for Water (HLF13) which brought together Ministers from all Caribbean countries, water utility managers and development partners to discuss matters of relevance to the water sector.

In addition, The First High Level Forum of Ministers responsible for Waste Management was also held. Grenada was represented by Senator Norlan Cox, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Affairs and Mrs. Karen Layne, General Manager of the Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority.

A very important feature which lends a fun flavour to the conference was an opportunity for participants from all over the world to enjoy the cultural and artistic aspects of the host country of Guyana. This was evident in the Cultural and Talent Night on Tuesday.

NAWASA was represented by General Manager Mr. Christopher Husbands, Manager of Transmission and Distribution Mr. Joel Thomas, Manager of Planning and Development Mr. Whyme Cox and myself Communications Supervisor Mrs. Jamila Samuel.

Mrs. Samuel was able to share on how NAWASA continues to use public education to enhance our customer experience. Her presentation focused on the successes in the area of community engagements, migration into social media platforms and the launching of a new websites as tools that enhanced the Authority’s customer experience.

The conference theme was: “Promoting Innovation and Creativity in Water, Wastewater and Waste”.

This is the first time in its 26 years that Guyana is hosting the Conference and Exhibiti

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