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Summary of Project for ESIA Disclosure

Summary of Project for ESIA Disclosure

Summary of the Project:
Climate Resilience in the Water Sector in Grenada (G‐CREWS)
As part of the disclosure of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment and Management Plan as well as the Gender Analysis and Action Plan.
The Project proposal was submitted to the Green Climate Fund (GCF)

GIZ and the Government of Grenada have prepared the 6‐yearG‐ CREWS project to make the drinking water supply system in Grenada resilient to climate change. The project, for which GCF funding of 35.5 million EUR was requested, introduces a complete paradigm shift in the water sector. It has three components which tackle the resilience of the three legs of the water system: (1) water governance, (2) water users and (3) the water supply system.

G‐CREWS component 1, “Integrating Climate Resilience into Grenada’s Water Governance”, includes (1.1) the establishment of a climate‐proof legislative and institutional framework in the water sector (1.2) the mainstreaming of climate change in policies and plans with relevance for the water sector and (1.3) the development and implementation of a new tariff structure for NAWASA to sustainably finance investments and to influence water demand subject to climate variability.

As part of sub‐component 1.1, a Water Resources Management Unit (WRMU) will be set up to manage water resources independently. One of the tasks of the WRMU will be to define rules for water allocation which will integrate the impacts of climate variability and climate change.

G‐CREWS component 2 “Climate Resilient Water Users”, is the water demand management component. It includes (2.1) the establishment of a fund for financing water‐saving devices for commercial water users, (2.2) measures for household and community awareness and education.

G‐CREWS component 3 “Climate Resilient Water Supply Systems” includes (3.1) an upgrade of the existing water infrastructure to make it climate‐proof, as well as the implementation of a climate resilient management plan for existing and new infrastructure, (3.2) measures to improve water storage medical facilities, and (3.3) setting up climate‐resilient management at NAWASA, including, remote monitoring and control (SCADA) systems, sediment‐proofing of water intakes, and emergency preparedness and response planning.

Under component 3.1, which is the main infrastructure component, and component 3.3, the drinking water supply system will be made climate resilient through the following interventions:

(i) increase storage of treated water for periods of droughts or storms with 16 storage tanks;

(ii) interconnect important water supply networks and connect the new storage tanks to the NAWASA distribution system with about 10 km of new pipelines, and the replacement of
13.5 km of existing pipelines;

(iii) increase storage of raw water by acquiring and increasing the capacity of a pond at Petit Etang and of the dam reservoir at Les Avocats;

(iv) increase the use of water from the desalination plant in Carriacou by connecting 9.2 km of pipelines;

(v) make the existing groundwater use sustainable by rehabilitating the existing wells, building 3 new ones, protecting the catchments, and managing groundwater abstraction with the help of a monitoring system;

(vi) add sediment‐retaining weirs and/or sediment‐proof intakes to existing water intakes.

These sub‐components have been carefully selected based on their feasibility and on their added value to increase climate resilience country‐wide. They have gone through several rounds of consultations with the Grenadian water sector and civil society.

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Summary of the Project:Climate Resilience in the Water Sector in Grenada (G‐CREWS)As part of the disclosure of the Environmental and Social...