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NAWASA Celebrates Silver Jubilee Anniversary

NAWASA Celebrates Silver Jubilee Anniversary

‘25 years of committed service the nation’ was the theme under which NAWASA celebrated its 25th Anniversary.

The National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) was born on November 25, 1990 when Parliament voted in favour of a name change from what was then Central Water Commission (CWC) as part of its new mantra to offer a more robust, reliable and dedicated service.

Twenty-five (25) years later, the Authority celebrated its Silver Jubilee Anniversary under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Christopher Husbands.

The celebration began on Sunday November 22, 2015 with a Thanksgiving Church Service at the Union Pentecostal Church St. Mark. In attendance were Minister with responsibility for Public Utilities Hon. Gregory Bowen, Parliamentary Representative for St. Mark and Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Chairman of NAWASA’s Board of Directors Mr. Terrence Forrester, General Manager Mr. Christopher Husbands and members of NAWASA’s Senior Management team, employees and specially invited guests.

On Tuesday November 24th, 2015, a team from the Authority was part of a Special Programme on FLOW Community Channel 6 and an Address to the Nation by Honourable Gregory Bowen followed on Thursday November 26th, 2015. Twenty five (25) customers had their accounts credited with $25.00. In an effort to convey gratitude to the general public for the part they have played in NAWASA’s development throughout the years, a community project will be undertaken as part of the Authority’s celebrations.

The curtains came down on the week of activities on Sunday November 29th, 2015 with a Stakeholder Awards Ceremony where the Authority recognized twenty (25) stakeholders who over the years played an active role in the development of the Authority.

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