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NAWASA commissions Mt. Reuil Water System in St. Patrick

NAWASA commissions Mt. Reuil Water System in St. Patrick

St. George, Grenada: Thursday September 25, 2014 was a major step up for the Authority's operations in the parish of St. Patrick with the Official Commissioning of its Mt. Reuil Water Treatment Plant.

The water supply to the parish was for years provided by a single treatment plant – Peggy's Whim. During the rainy season (June – December) the heavy rains cause very high flow velocities in the tributaries, resulting in the transportation of large rocks, gravel, sand and fallen trees from the catchment down the river. This caused blockages at the intakes, as a consequence shutting off the raw water supply to the treatment plant resulting in an interruption in the treated water supply to the consumers. Many can recall the interruption to supply for over a month in April of 2013.

In January of this year, the Authority started the Mt. Reuil Water Treatment Project, which will see the parish of St. Patrick being served by two systems. The construction of this 250,000 gallons per day treatment plant would mitigate against the unreliable water supply in the parish and therefore provide an environment conducive for investment, particularly in the Tourism industry. The completion of this Project greatly contributes in ensuring climate change resilience to the water supply in the Parish.

* To provide the infrastructure (water) that would create an environment that would encourage investment in the parish of St. Patrick especially in the tourism sector.
* To ensure the sustainability of the supply of water to meet the increasing demand in the parish.
* To create a robust water distribution system that would ensure climate change resilience in provision of the water supply service.

* Customers will be guaranteed a more reliable water supply at all times.
* Reduce disruptions in the functioning of schools and essential service providers.
* Reduce the high operating cost to NAWASA of transporting water by truck.
* Provide a climate to encourage investment in the area, especially in the Tourism sector.
* Provides additional supply to meet the ever increasing demand as population increases and as economic development takes place.
* Mitigate against the associated health risks that are likely due to the absence of potable water supply.

This project is funded to the tune of EC 1.4 million EC dollars under NAWASA's Capital Works Project.

The Commissioning Ceremony was graced by presence of the Hon. Gregory Bowen – Minister of Public Utilities, who will officially cut the Ribbon to open the facility, Parliamentary Representatives for the parish of St. Patrick, Members of NAWASA's Board of Directors, members of the business community, Media Personnel and residents of Mt. Reuil & surrounding communities.

The Commissioning Ceremony was held on the grounds Glenelg Natural Spring Production Office.

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