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Nawasa Upgrades Water Supply to Brooklyn Residents

Nawasa Upgrades Water Supply to Brooklyn Residents

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2018, ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA: The National Water and Sewerage Authority has expended approximately two hundred and fifty thousand dollars ($250,000.00) on upgrading the water system serving residents of Brooklyn in St. John.

A water storage tank was constructed years ago to serve the community.  However, due to demand on the Concord Water System, which serves Concord (including the Brooklyn community), through to the Town St. George; low pressure affected the tank being filled. 

In the past, NAWASA’s water tankers journeyed to the community on a regular basis, to fill the tank.  However, this provided only a temporary solution, as customers were still challenged with an inadequate supply.

The recently completed Brooklyn water system upgrade, addresses the longstanding issue of hydraulics, with the installation of a larger supply line and an instrument that would automatically regulate pressure to the tank at night, when demand on the main line is low, allowing for complete system recharge.

Manager of NAWASA’s Planning and Development Department Mr. Whyme Cox, notes that “at night-time the tank is going to full up and when the tank is full it normally lasts a week.  So, even if it gets 15 minutes of water every night it will be sufficient to ensure that the tank is always full.As an organization our interest is just ensuring that people have a consistent supply of water”.

After just over two months of tedious work, residents of Brooklyn will see improvement in the consistency of their water supply.

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