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How is employee records maintained within the Human Resource Department?

  • Time Card
  • Personal file
  • Computerize system/password
  • Filing Cabinet/Lock & Key

How often training is done?


What are the different records kept in the Human Resource Department?

  • Training
  • Personal Files
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Other Insurance
  • Union Agreement & Correspondence
  • Letter And Memo received and Sent out
  • Uniform Information
  • Temporary Employment Records

What method do you use to identify the Human Resources needs of your organization?

The Human Resource needs of NAWASA are identify through the following process.

  • Succession Planning
  • Management identify those needs through manpower assessment,
  • Planning
  • Strategic planning

What are the procedures used for recruitment after identifying the Human Resource needs?

The procedures used for recruitment after identifying the Human Resource needs are:

  • Advertisement; (For the position with the requirement needed for the position)
  • Short listing to select persons with the right qualification and experience
  • preparation of Job Description;
  • Interview;
  • Short listing to select the right person for the job

How is the selection process conducted to select candidates?

The selection process for recruiting workers is done through:

  • Interview to access the attainment of the requirement for the position (Qualification, experience, training, skills necessary etc.).

Who is responsible for conducting the selection process?

The selection process is done by a panel of interviewers.